I did a two-week course in Reflexology, I would recommend it to anyone. I was inspired by the philosophy and the value of reflexology for many reasons. I want to take it further and I know that with the training provided, I can! Fantastic learning experience, all the right elements, practical, theoretical, personal, professional and enriching.
— Elsie O. | Evolutive Foot Reflexology

A very complex, though easy-to-learn craft. Nathalie really helps you to understand and master the techniques. In this two-day course, Nathalie makes you practice a lot, and she’s always there to give you very useful advice... I decided that Nathalie’s courses would be the best ones among the several you can find in Ubud.
— Makoto Y. | Asian Foot Reflexology

In January of this year, I did an ‘Advanced Reflexology’ course with the wonderful Nathalie at Rahasia Nyaman. I highly recommend Nathalie! She is a natural-born teacher. Highly knowledgeable in her field and takes pride in her courses. As a person, Nathalie is warm and caring with a great philosophical outlook which enriched the class even more. Thanks to Nathalie and Rahasia Nyaman I now have a growing amount of clients here in Australia enjoying the benefits of the skills I have gained...
— Heidi N. | Evolutive Foot Reflexology

I did an “Asian Reflexology” course with Nathalie Richalet. I went to see her to learn a new technique because of her long experience. In the end, it also helped me to improve my traditional reflexology skills and way of thinking. It was a very rewarding experience because Nathalie is very talented and a really good teacher. I highly recommend her !!
— Roxane M. | Asian Reflexology

Nathalie is a dedicated, passionate and experienced massage therapist( in many modalities). She is knowledgeable in the field of anatomy and this is evident in her practical approach to her teaching. She is a wonderful, caring and patient with her students and always suggests ways to improve one’s practice. Nathalie is, in fact, a healer as displayed by her intuitive nature. I look forward to returning to Ubud to participate in her Reflexology course in the near future.
— Sandra P. | Balinese Massage

My interest in the ‘magic’ of foot reflexology prevailed over my fear that my hands are only good for typing on my computer, and so I took Nathalie’s foot reflexology course in June. And I am so glad I did! The course was both educational and fun, but the best part was how comfortable Nathalie made me feel. She was answering all my questions, demonstrating techniques as many times as I needed, and making me laugh by sharing funny and insightful stories from throughout her career. Ever since I completed the course, I have been super excited to apply my newly acquired knowledge and skills. Thank you, Nathalie!.
— Marìa B. | Evolutive Foot Reflexology

I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. It was happy synchronicity for me to end up learning from Nathalie. She is not only a fantastic therapist, very professional with profound knowledge about the body, energy systems, and points, but she is also highly intuitive and connected to Higher Source. There’s a great amount of kindness, compassion, feeling, and competence in the way she works. Magic hands. The perfect combination I was looking for to bring into my work.
— Priscila J. L. | Balinese Massage

...I love Bali and feel the magic power of healing when I’m there. I did a lot of research and everything led me to Nathalie as the teacher to learn from.
Nathalie is lovely inside and out. She is kind and patient in answering all my questions. She was also very patient in showing me the techniques a few times. I would recommend Nathalie to anyone in the world. I’ve taken other workshops in the world and she is hands down (pun intended) the best. And I hope to be back to study with her.
— Eva P. | Asian Foot Reflexology

La formation de massage est excellente, d’autant plus que Nathalie, la formatrice, est d’une accuité et d’une sensibilité contagieuse. Dans un cadre intime et authentique elle partage avec générosité ses savoirs et expériences. Je recommande absolument Rahasia Nyaman.
— Celia C. | Balinese Massage

I was really impressed by Nathalie skills and knowledge. She practices them with patience and passion. It was a wonderful experience and I wish I can come back someday!
— Lea C. | Balinese Massage

... I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me a new sense of direction and with this, I am truly honored to have met you! I am coming back home with a grateful heart and I will see you again...
— Ray R. | Evolutive Foot Reflexology

I had the opportunity to learn all the secrets about Balinese massage with Nathalie, and I absolutely loved it! This only 5-days training (and a bit of practice afterward!) literally changed my life for the better! I recommend this top quality school to everyone because high standards contents really make the difference. Nathalie is a great teacher. Thank you!
— Nathalie Z. | Balinese Massage

I am a professional massage therapist and Nathalie is very knowledgeable. I took a foot reflexology class, it was complete and well thought. Nathalie is also a great person; she made my stay in Ubud exceptional.
— Catherine B. | Evolutive Foot Reflexology

J ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à me former auprès de Nathalie qui m’a partagé son expérience et son amour du massage. Je recommande bien chaleureusement ses cours très professionnels et reviendrai avec grand plaisir. Merci!
— Laure E. | Balinese Massage

Je suis venu exprès de france pour apprendre le massage balinais avec Nathalie! Un vrai bonheur, un séjour inoubliable passé avec elle et les autres élèves. Je recommande.
— Mat H. | Balinese Massage

Saya sangat bersyukur di bawah bimbingan dan bisa belajar di Rahasia Nyaman ini . gurunya juga sangat mengajar dengan gampang dimengerti , tapi yg paling hebatnya dia mengajar semua point point dan seluruh Zone di tubuh kita ....kalau anda mau mencari guru yg tepat untuk mengenal Reflexology datang dan cari Natalie Ma’am di Rahasia nyaman . dan kamu pasti pasti puas.
— Eva J. | Evolutive Foot Reflexology

Formation théorique et pratique complète. Un bel enseignement des techniques de massage Balinais sous le signe du partage des connaissances. Allez-y ! Vous serez entre de bonnes mains.
— Dominique C. | Balinese Massage

Beautiful work with heart and soul ❤️
Nathalies knowledge is amazing and she loves to share it.
— Julia E. | Evolutive Foot Reflexology